Java Backend Development

Basic programming concepts
of springboot

21 May 2023 Batch starting
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Class timing
30+ Interactive Classes 5+ Projects 3 Months Duration

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Developer CV and profile Preperation

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Referrals for Placements and internships

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Java Springboot Course

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For working professional with more than 1 year of experience in the IT industry.

Intro to Core Java
Core Java

Introduction to Core Java,History of Java, Origin of Java, Java Virtual machine, Features of Java

Features of Java

Control Structure, loops, Array, Multi dimensional array, What is Class, Method, Object , Constructor, OOPS Concept,super, Method, Parameters inside method, return

Exception Handling

Interface and Abstract class,Inner class and Anonymous class String,Stringbuilder,Scanner,Bufferedreader

Collection Framework

The Collection in Java is a framework that provides an architecture to store and manipulate the group of objects.

Spring Core Concepts
Spring Core Concepts

Spring Modules, Coupling, Tight Coupling, Beans, Dependency Injection Annotations, Component Scan, Primary, Secondary etc Bean Conflicts, Proxy, Bean LifeCycle, Multiple COnfiguration,XMl etc

Spring Boot

Into to Spring Boot, Goals Of Spring Boot, Starter Projects Dev Tools , Custom Configuration, Embedded Server, Spring using STS

My SQl

Use SQL to query a database

Use SQL to perform data analysis

Be comfortable putting SQL and PostgreSQL on their resume

Learn to perform GROUP BY statements

Replicate real-world situations and query reports

Spring MVC

Intro to MVC architecture, Static VS Dynamic Websites, Creating Web App in Java HTTP annotations, Query Params, Handling Requests, Configs in MVC,Components annotations.JSON and Applications


Into to JDBC, Starter Template , Template Object, Row-Mapper-Configs Working With APIS, Mini Project (Task Manager)

Spring JPA ORM

JPA vs Hibernate , Creating New Project, Dialect Property , Basic JPA steps JPA user Configs, Mapping, Applying JPA services,one to one map, One to many map, many to one map, finder method in detail, testing and bug fixing.

Deployment Spring boot App On AWS
Intro to containers : Docker, AWS services

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Industry Projects

E-Commerce App

Learn to build Spiders using Scrapy for Amazon, PepperFry etc.

Todo Manager

Learn to predict any output linrarly dependent upon one or many variables.

Employee Management System

Predict the prices of houses using many of the variables

Creating Rest APIs

Predict weight of any given fish of different species using its physical dimensions

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