Learn to develop high-performance, scalable applications on top of the battle-tested Java Virtual Machine. You will build platform independent Web Applications backed by robust APIs that leverage the full power of today's cloud infrastructure.

Java Language Syntax and OOP revision
Multithreading in Java
Introduction to Gradle
Desktop Apps using JavaFX
Java Web Servers with Spring Boot
Building REST APIs with Spring Boot
SQL Databases using JDBC and Hibernate

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Project Build Tools

In this bootcamp you will learn to automate using build tools like Gradle to manage dependency and build on your behalf.

REST API Development

Every service in the cloud infrastructure age is backed by REST APIs, which you shall learn to develop on your own in this course.

Desktop Apps with JavaFX

High performance, native desktop applications are still very much in demand. You will learn to build snappy, cross platform experiences using the JavaFX toolkit.

Heroku Deployment

You will also learn to deploy your finished Applications to the Heroku cloud.


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  • Who should do this bootcamp?

    Any one who wants to build cool web apps and web services with Java.

  • Will this bootcamp help if I already know Java?

    Yes, absolutely. The course requires a basic knowledge of Java. More advanced topics will be covered in the bootcamp.

  • What are the pre-requisites for this bootcamp?

    Basic knowledge of Java: Syntax, Loops, Classes, Inheritance, etc.

  • Can I build my own APIs after this bootcamp?

    Most definitely. We give you all the tools necessary to get started on your own projects.

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