Coding Blocks presents to you a one of its kind Bootcamp on Android Game Development at our Greater Noida center. It is the perfect opportunity for everyone interested in using Java and Libgdx to create games for Android devices. The bootcamp will cover famous games such as Flappy Bird, Supper Jumber, Cut The Rope, and many more.

In addition to developing games, this bootcamp will serve as an introduction to implementing global leaderboards and achievements using Google Game Services and to earning using Google AdSense.


Introduction to JavaScript, Game Loop, Canvas
Object Oriented Programming in JS
Pokemon Shooter Game
Snakes Game
Getting started with Phaser
Mario Style Platformer Game
English Vocab Learning Game- Flappy Bird Style

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Manmohan Gupta
Munna Bhaiya, an IIT-Delhi graduate, is an ace programmer, technocrat, an entrepreneurial doyen and a mathematician. He has co-founded Software giant,Nagarro and Vidyamandir Classes(VMC). Having seen both the industries from up close, he could identify a key gap between college education and industry needs and has now set out to carve the path that will turn even ordinary students into industry-ready coders.


Prateek Narang
He Passionate about teaching, Prateek is a CS graduate from DTU. He has previously worked with SanDisk, HackerEarth. He has also won various hackathons including Google’s Code For India, Smart City Hackathon, qualified ACM-ICPC regionals and published papers in International Journals. His interactive CV (www.prateeknarang.com) is also popular in 120+ countries.

HTML5 Canvas

The HTML Canvas element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, via JavaScript. The canvas element is only a container for graphics. You will learn how to play with canvas, draw graphics and render games.

JavaScript | Phaser

In the bootcamp, you will learn the basics as well as advanced topics like implementing event listeners, object oriented programming in JS. You will also learn how to use Phaser framework to build uber cool games

Multilevel Games

Not just single state games, you will also learn to create multi-level games using Phaser State Managar and switch between them

Physics Engine

Most Arcade Games require some kind of physics to be implemented in the game. In this bootcamp we will explore the Phaser's Arcade Physics engine to add gravity, velocity and simulate collisions on our objects.


(Drop a line at [email protected] if you have further queries)

  • Who should do this bootcamp?

    Any one who wants to learn JavaScript from scratch and build some cool games using JS and Phaser.io - a popular framework for making 2-D Games.Students in 1st and 2nd year can also join this bootcamp.

  • Will this bootcamp help if I already know JavaScript?

    Yes, absolutely. There is a lot more to learn in the bootcamp. You will get familiar with game concepts like game loop, HTML Canvas and Phaser.io which is something beyond the normal JS used for web development.

  • What are the pre-requisites for this bootcamp?

    You just need to have prior programming in any one language like C++, Java, Python, JS etc and basic understanding of HTML tags. That's it.

  • Can I build my own games after this bootcamp ?

    This course will help you become smarter in writing codes. You’ll be able to build 2-d multilevel games involving physics on your own. Also this will take your JS skills to the next level. Learning Phaser will be a plus-point for your CV too.


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Students       Game Development

  • I did the game development bootcamp with Prateek Bhayia. This was a really cool bootcamp with hands-on practice of JavaScript as we built the 4 games in the class itself. We got know about the working of Physics Systems in Phaser and build some great multi-level games.

    Divyam Shah
    Student, DTU
  • It was really a great experience to be at Game Dev bootcamp at Coding Blocks. We made 4 awesome games using JavaScript with phaser and HTML canvas. The things got really easy with the way Prateek bhaiya taught us. He cleared every doubt we had with ease. I never taught it is this easy to develop games. They also provided some nice notes for future reference. Overall it was the best Game Dev Using JavaScript Bootcamp one can attend.

    Pawan Bansal
    Via Quora
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