Machine Learning

Web App Development With Python


Web Development course is designed to help students develop professional websites/portals. Through this course, students will be made use Python language to make their website. Adjectives used to describe Python typically include fun, easy to use, and a good learning tool. Real world Python web applications include Twitter, Youtube, makes it even more exciting.
Django-Python is a project based web development course with backend in Django framework of Python language.
In this course, students will start building their website from scratch and will need to think like professional developers. Students will be aligned with a mentor and work on their projects under their guidance. This course enables students to go live with their websites and add a flair to their resume.

Implement Algorithms

Perceptron is an hands-on coding course. You will learn various supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and will implement them in your code from scratch.

Work on LIVE Projects

This course covers a lot of basic & advanced projects like face-recognition, sentiment analysis, recommendation system, coversational engine, AI music generator and much more.

Deep Learning

We will cover the latest advanced in deep learning - a growing field in Machine Learning.Deep learning applications are being used in computer vision, automatic speech recognition, natural language processing, audio recognition and bioinformatics

Advanced Topics

Many of the topics are advanced, up-to-date and require great patience and coding skills. Make sure you have good programming fundamentals and practice of Python before joining this course.


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  • Who should do this course?

    Students interested in leaning Machine Learning for interest, higher studies or as a career field can join this course. Recommended for students in 3rd, 4th year and IT professionals looking forward to build a career in it can do this course.

  • What are pre-requisities for this course?

    We suggest you to have good programming fundamentals(data-structures and algorithms) and familiarity with Python.

  • I have done Andrew NG's online course. Will this course help me ?

    Definitely, yes. You will learn a lot more than Andrew NG's course + you will code all algorithms from scratch which isn't covered in Andrew NG's course. Topics like random forests, decision trees and latest advancements in ML will also be covered.

  • Will this course help in placements or internships?

    Depends on the profile offered. If the company/startup is looking for students good in Machine Learning then definitely this course is going to help you. But most of the companies are looking for only basic skills in the interview - questions related to data structures and algorithms but knowledge of Machine Learning is definitely a plus point.

  • What is asked in admission test for this course?

    You are suggested to revise programming fundamentals, OOPS concepts, basics Maths and Probability concepts, hands-on coding in Python before giving the admission test for Perceptron course.

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Students       Machine Learning

  • I did the course on Android Development with Arnav Sir. The course content was very crisp and clear. It covered vast concepts in Android Dev. Starting from the basics (like activity lifecycle :P) we went on to learn Firebase for accessing data from server. We also had special class on Animations and User Interface. As part of the assignments we made apps after every class , which covered all the concepts learned till then.

    Divyam Shah
    Student, DTU
  • A perfectly designed and taught Machine Learning course. It will help you clear your basics as a lot of code for the understanding of the concept/algorithm and for the project, is written from scratch. You’ll get to work on various interesting projects like automatic colorization, language modeling, neural art etc. The course covers most of the important topics in this field. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and cooperative.

    Vanshika Gupta
    Via Quora Student, DTU
  • I always prefer classroom learning over video lectures . Although you will find lots of course content for machine learning but for me the problem was that it was hard to find courses that implement machine learning algorithms from scratch ,where the actual learning happens . If you want to have a actual understanding of ml . I will recommend doing the course . You will not regret it

    Sarthak Anand
    Student, NSIT
  • Perfect course to start with Machine Learning. This is not just any basic course like Andrew Ng’s course on Coursera. Firstly it contains all the important topics that are being researched currently in the world. Secondly, each topic is coded from scratch. You will learn to do projects like Classification of Images, Neural art and even music generation. But beware, this course isn’t easy. You will need to invest time in doing your assignments at home, otherwise you would be quite lost.

    Priyansh Srivastva
    Student, USCIT