React is one of the fastest growing and most used web framework in the industry, developed and maintained by Facebook and a community of developers. The top tech companies including AirBnb, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, and Reddit are using React.

The advanced react and redux course is designed to help you learn how to build scalable and performant React applications for scratch. Through this course, students will be made well aware of the industry standards and the best practices for building web applications.

Our course is a project based react and redux course. The course will start with learning the fundamentals of web development & Javascript and how different frontend web frameworks work. Students will then learn fundamentals of React, application state management with Redux, and routing with React Router, while building many projects.

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Javascript Fundamentals

A good React developer must have a strong hand on Javascript. This couse makes it sure that you gain all the required knowledge and skills. It covers the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Javascript including ES6 and ES7 features.

Advanced React Concepts

You will learn all the concepts and features of React in-depth. During the course you will build many components in React while learning different design patterns and React APIs.

Redux State Management

Redux is a library for state management. Our course includes application and fundamentals of Redux and React Router for routing in React applications. You will also learn how to create Redux middlewares like logger.

Code Spliting & Webpack

You'll learn how to implement Code Splitting in React & setting up Webpack project from scratch. The course also includes the latest features of React including Suspense & lazy, Hooks, and Memo.

Course Contents

Javascript Fundamentals

Lecture 1

Before we start with developing React Application, we will learn all the fundamental concepts and features of Javascript including:

  • Scope
  • Closures
  • Hoisting
  • Classes, Constructors, Prototypes
  • Arrays, Strings functions

How the Web Frameworks Works

Lecture: 2

Having the in-depth understanding of Javascript we will learn for different frontend web frameworks work. We will also cover the latest ES6 & ES7 features of Javascript in this lecture.

  • Event Loops, Promises
  • Object, Array destruct and rest operator
  • Fat-arrow functions, this, call, apply, bind
  • Template Literatls, Default Params
  • DOM manipulation
  • Virtual DOM
  • Webpack Project setup from scratch

Introduction to React

Lecture 3

Now we will start learning how React works. This lecture will include fundamentals of React.

  • Introduction to ES6 modules
  • Components and elements in React
  • Component Lifecycle
  • Introduction to JSX
  • Functional components
  • Component state management

React Fundamentals 2

Lecture 4

In this lecture we will cover more React concepts and features.

  • Error Boundaries
  • Fragments
  • Refs
  • Handling events & building forms
  • Pure class components & React.Memo (new)
  • React Context API
  • Typechecking With PropTypes

State Management with Redux

Lecture 5

Building upon the React context API is previous lecture we will learn how to use Redux to implement application level state management. We will also learn the principles of Flux pattern.

  • Redux fundamentals
  • Combined reducers
  • Creating Redux middlewares like logger and state persistance
  • Async actions with Redux thunk middlewares
  • Building forms with Redux forms

Routing & Code Splitting

Lecture 6

Finally we will learn how to implement routing using React Router & code splitting in React.

  • React Router V4
  • Code Splitting with Webpack
  • Code Splitting with React Loadable
  • Code Splitting with suspense & lazy (new)
  • Precache & Preload concepts
  • Hooks in React (new)
Regular Batch

(6 lectures)

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  • What are the pre-requisites?

    Familarity with basic web technologies including HTML and CSS is must. Experience of basic Javascript is recommended.

  • How much knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms do I need to take this course?

    You need to have good command of data structures like Stacks, Queues and Lists. Also a basic idea of algorithms like sorting, searching, string manupulations. Also it is imperative to have good concepts of Object Oriented Programming

  • I have no idea of Javascript, can I join?

    This is not a problem if the aforementioned concepts are clear and you have coded in some language like C++ before. We will cover concepts of Javascript in the first 2 classes.

  • Will there by any projects?

    Definitely. No course in web development is complete without projects, and we focus a lot on working on live projects and practical topics. We start with small projects like TodoList Managers and go up to creating e-Commerce websites.

What our students say

  • elixir
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    I would recommend this course to all the college students if they are in a dilemma that what career should they pursue in future. Aayush sir would make this course so much interesting and knowledgeful that u won't regret joining the course if u r serious during the course.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    If anyone out there wants to delve into the world of web development then this is the right course for him/her. I would just say if you are planning to get into web development then just go for this course.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    The course was pretty well structured. Learning to code at coding blocks is amazing because of the task given by the mentor. If you have done all the task by yourself then you are good to go to face the real world with you skills.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Web Development Course Review:

    When i was watching “Dear Zindagi”, i could relate Sharukh Khan to Arnav Bhaiya. The way Sharukh Khan was giving life lessons to Aliya Bhatt, in the same way Arnav Bhaiya will give coding life lessons which will guide you throughout your code life.

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