The MathsGeeks course is designed with the goal to improve conceptual understanding, and increase analytical thinking and logical problem solving skills. In addition to covering the requirement at school level, it also covers advanced level questions, puzzles, MCQs and HOTS questions. This course has been specially designed for students of classes VI to VIII so as to create a strong base in Mathematics which will go on to help them at many stages in life.

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Course Highlights

Concept Clarity

Our course is structured in a way that all topics and concepts are taught such that the students understand everything with clarity and no doubts exist. Doubts, if any, are clarified on various levels.

Comprehensive Material

Our integrated study material properly covers every aspect of each topic, and explains it to the extent of being self sufficient. We believe that our students should rely solely on the study material provided, as no other reference book or guide will be needed.

Puzzles, MCQs, HOTS

In addition to sticking to the academic syllabus, the course also enriches the learning of a student through a variety of puzzles, MCQs and HOTS questions. This imbibes an interest of the subject in the student, and enhances his analytical and problem solving skills.

Competitive Edge

The course prepares a solid base for the student in the subject, and makes it easier for him to do well in entrance exams (Like JEE, SAT, CAT, GRE etc.) later. The course also helps the students do well in Olympiads and other competitive exams held at various levels.

Level 1

For students in the 6th to 8th grades.

Course Contents

  • Algebra

    We will cover the following topics in Algebra - one of the most challenging topics for students, but easy, once explained properly to them

    a. Ratio and Proportion
    b. Unitary Method
    c. Exponents and Powers
    d. Basics of algebraic expressions

  • Number System
    Number System

    a. Working with numbers
    b. Types of number systems (Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers and Rational Numbers)
    c. Different properties of each system (Closure, Commutative, Associative, Identity)
    d. BODMAS Implementation
    e. Fractions and Decimals
    f. Factors and Multiples
    g. Comparing Quantities

  • Geometry

    Geometry is more than drawing lines and measuring them. It is one of the most interesting topics, once the students learn to apply the principles.

    a. Basic Geometry
    b. Lines and Angles
    c. Triangles and Properties
    d. Symmetry
    e. Practical Geometry: Angle formation and related constructions

  • Mensuration

    1. Perimeters and areas of different shapes
      Rectangle - Square - Circle - Triangle - Parallelogram - Footpath/Fence related problems
    2. Visualisation of 3D shapes

  • Data Handling
    Data Handling

    Data Handling is an important topic, that helps not only to strengthen concepts of mathematics, but also helps understand other domains like economics or computer science.

    a. Basics of Data Handling

    I. Raw data
    II. Grouping of data
    III. Use of tally marks
    IV. Pictograph
    V. Bar graph

    b. Stats
    I. Mean II. Range III. Mode IV. Median

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Level 2

For students in grades VIII - X.

Course Contents

  • Algebra

    1. Comparing Quantities
      1. Recalling Ratios and Percentages
      2. CP/SP/Profit/Loss
      3. Discounts
      4. Simple Interest
      5. Compound interest and its application
    2. Exponents and Powers
    3. Squares, Cubes, Roots
    4. Algebraic Expressions, Identities and Factorization
    5. Linear Equations in one variable
    6. Direct and Inverse Proportion

    Advanced Topics
    1. Geometrical meaning of zeroes
    2. Zeroes of polynomials and remainder theorem
    3. Linear Equations in two variables
    4. Quadratic Equations
    5. Arithmetic Progressions
  • Number System
    Number System

    Rational Numbers:
    Properties of Rational Numbers (Closure, Commutative, Associative, Identity)
    Applying BODMAS with Rational Numbers

    Irrational Numbers:
    Playing with Irrational Numbers
  • Geometry

    1. Congruency of Triangles
    2. Quadrilaterals: Different types and their opposite sides, angles, diagonal properties
    3. Practical Geometry: Construction of triangles and quadrilateral as per given dimensions
    Advanced Topics
    1. Similar Triangles
    2. Coordinate geometry (distance formula, section formula and area of triangle)
    3. Area of parallelograms and triangles within parallel lines
    4. Heron’s formula
  • Mensuration

    1. Visualizing solid shapes
    2. Edges, vertices, faces
    3. Euler formula F+V–E=2
    4. Perimeter and area of trapeziums and complex figures
    5. Surface areas and volumes of cubes, cuboids and cylinders
  • Data Handling
    Data Handling

    1. Bar Graphs and Double Bar Graphs
    2. Grouping by Tally marks
    3. Histogram
    4. Pie charts
    5. Frequency polygons
    6. Basic concepts of statistics based probability

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