Master Competitive Programming C++
This course is for those who want to enter the realm of Competitive programming and achieve the next level in coding. Explore advanced concepts like Segment trees, Fenwick trees, Dynamic programming, Graph theory, Trie and string matching algorithms and much more.
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English, Hindi
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  • Resume building tips
  • Interview preparation
  • Free access to Online Course
  • Prepare for Online Competitions like ACM-ICPC, Hackercup, Kickstart etc.
  • Start with online platforms like Leetcode, Codeforces etc.
Also get
  • Placement and Internship assistance through Hiring Blocks
  • Resume building tips
  • Interview preparation
  • Free access to Online Course
  • Skill enhancement classes
  • Start with online platforms like Leetcode, Codeforces etc.
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Course Content
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  • Pigeonhole
  • Probability
  • Expectation
  • Coupon collector
  • Matrix exponentiation
  • Inclusion-Exclusion
Number Theory
  • LCM
  • GCD
  • Prime factorization
  • Totient
  • Sieves
  • Mathematical Theorems
  • CRT
  • Euclid’s method
  • Linear Diophantine Equations
Divide and Conquer
  • Classical problems
  • Binary search applications
  • Google, Amazon Interview Problems
Recursion and Backtracking
  • Advance Recursion Problems
  • Backtracking algorithms with Bitmasks
Dynamic Programming
  • Linear recurrences
  • 2-D and 3-D DP
  • DP using Bitmasks
Greedy Algorithms
  • Classical and interesting problems Codeforces and SPOJ
  • Greedy Algorithms Techniques
Segment Trees
  • Segment trees
  • Lazy propagation
  • Fenwick tree
  • BIT
  • Types
  • Implementation
  • Traversals
  • Shortest paths
  • Min spanning trees
  • Topological sorting
  • Bipartite graphs
  • Cycle detection
  • Union-find
  • Other Important algorithms for Interview
Advanced Topics and Algorithms
  • KMP Algorithm
  • MO's Algorithm
  • Boyer Moore Algorithm
  • Manacher Algorithm
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Starting from
19th June
Weekend Batch
Tue Thu Sun
Kartik Mathur
Kartik Mathur
Kartik Mathur is an NSIT graduate and extremely popular amongst his students for his engaging ways of teaching. His students are topping the charts in cracking Interviews across Top Tech and Product companies around the world with whooping packages. He is a Competitive programmer, a full stack Web developer and also contributes to many Start-ups in India and abroad. Known for his humour and memes, he can be usually located in Coding Blocks during the day or Starbucks in the evening.
Mosina Ashraf
Mosina is a competitive programmer and a front end web developer .Apart from having an excellent academic record, with her sense of innovation, she has contributed in creating great teaching content. Known for her euphonious voice,warmhearted nature and coding skills she blends proficiently as a mentor.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to the questions popping up in your head here.
Who should do this course?
Students in 2nd-4th year looking forward to sit for internship/placement exams can pursue this course. Student must have prior programming experience in C++ and basic knowledge of data structures like arrays, stacks, queues, linked list.
I had C++ in class 12th. Can I do this course?
If you are first year student, then we will recommend you to join our Launchpad Program which will cover data structures and algorithms in great detail. This course is not recommended for first years unless you have studied data structures.
I didn’t have C++ in class 12 ? Can I do this course ?
No, this course is not for beginners in programming. You must have good hands on practice of programming fundamentals like arrays, stacks,queues, linked lists,pointers etc.
Will this help me with Interviews ?
This course will help you become smarter with your solutions. You’ll be able to write solutions that run in lesser space and time. Optimising space & time is what most interviewers look for. If you are looking forward for only Competititve Programming Topics, then you should join our Competitive Programming bootcamp specially designed for ACM-ICPC.