Python App Development
This course will revolve around the concepts of Python, ranging from basic to advanced concepts and development of applications using this powerful language.
Course Language
English, Hindi
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  • Placement and Internship assistance through Hiring Blocks
  • Resume building tips
  • Interview preparation
  • Free access to Online Course
  • Skill enhancement classes
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Course Content
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Getting started with Python
  • Why Python?
  • Setting up Python on windows, mac, linux
  • Basic Python syntax
  • Variables, data structures, functions
  • Conditionals and loops
  • Basic file handling
  • Dealing with errors in Python
Intermediate Python
  • Basic Python modules (time, datetime, random, os, sys, collections, etc)
  • Iterators, generators and decorators
  • Object oriented programming
  • Working with files (CSV/ZIP/PDF/JSON/XML)
System Programming
  • Interact with the system using Python
  • I/O Streams and Parallel Programming in Python
  • IPC Protocols and Multiprocessing module
Python for Web
  • Introduction to web APIs
  • Interacting with web APIs (GET and POST requests)
  • File downloader using Python
  • Web scraping using requests and BeautifulSoup
  • Web crawling
  • Web automation using selenium
Web development using Flask
  • Introduction to Flask
  • Setting up python environment
  • Basic web application using Flask
  • Authentication using Flask
  • Integrating SQL and Non-SQL databases to Flask app
  • Deploying Flask app on Heroku
Creating CLI for your application
  • Introduction to argparse
  • Using placeholders and helpers
  • Unicode and Byte Strings
  • Managed Attributes
  • Decorators
  • Metaclass
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
Center and Schedule
Starting from
23rd October
Weekend Batch
Sat and Sunday
Princey Yadav
Manu S Pillai
Manu is a Deep Learning Researcher and an avid python programmer. He has multiple research papers published in international conferences and journals. His interest lies in Computer Vision and is currently doing independant research in the same domain. He has also won multiple hackathons including Smart Odisha Hackathon and was awarded by the Chief Minister ot Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik. He can be found at
Princey Yadav
Princey is a post graduate from IIIT Delhi and did her graduation from NSIT Delhi. She joined Coding Blocks due to her passion for teaching. She has prior experience as a Software Engineer and has done research in the field of Computational Biology. Her interests include Machine learning, Data science and Game development. She is a pythonista and likes to draw and watch anime for fun.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to the questions popping up in your head here.
Who should do this course?
Anybody who wants to learn programming in Python from scratch, or those who wish to form a solid understanding of Python to pursue Data Science, Machine Learning, or other courses that require it should take this course. This course has no prerequisites.
I know C, C++, or Java should I do this course?
This course will cover programming principles from scratch using Python. If you already know one of the aforementioned programming languages, it will only be easier for you to pick up the concepts taught in the course, but knowledge is in no way a prerequisite.
Will this help me in making web apps?
This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in programming wrapped up with Web Application Development. It will help you discover further with Web Development, Data Science, and other fields.