Master Competitive Programming
Ace Every Race - Master competitive coding skills for ACM ICPC, Google Kickstart & more

Apaar Kamal,Prateek Narang, Pranav Khandelwal

Enrollment through Selection process only
50 Students

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The Live Competitive Programming course by Coding Blocks is an ultimate competitive coding training program. The course is designed to prepare students for various online coding challenges and code-athons. The Live classes will cover concepts of Advanced Data Structures such as Segment Trees, Binary Index / Fenwick Trees. The students will be taught to construct algorithms involving Dynamic Programming, Bitmasking, Greedy Algorithms, and Divide & Conquer along with the essentials of advanced competitive programming topics.


  • Extensive Data Structure & Algorithmic Coverage
  • Comfort of Home
  • Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors
  • Two-way Interactive Sessions
  • Recorded Videos after Live Lectures
  • Handwritten Mentor Notes
  • Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures


The pre-requisites for this course include prior problem solving hands-on-experience with Data Structures, knowledge of inbuilt functions in C++ STL (or Java Collections), Space Time Complexity Analysis.

Lecture Schedule

Tue, Thu, Sat
7:15 PM - 10:15 PM
Lecture 01
Lecture 02
Lecture 03
Lecture 04
Number Theory - 1
Lecture 05
Number Theory - 2
Lecture 06
Recursion and Backtracking - 1
Lecture 07
Recursion and Backtracking - 2
Lecture 08
Greedy and sorting based
Lecture 09
Divide and Conquer
Lecture 10
Stacks and Queue
Lecture 11
Stacks and Queue
Lecture 12
segment tree - 1
Lecture 13
segment tree - 2
Lecture 14
Fenwick tree
Lecture 15
DSU and Trie
Lecture 16
Mo's Algorithm
Lecture 17
Hash map and Heaps
Lecture 18
Lecture 19
Lecture 20
Lecture 21
Dynamic Programming
Lecture 22
Dynamic Programming
Lecture 23
Dynamic Programming
Lecture 24
Dynamic Programming
Lecture 25
Dynamic Programming
Lecture 26
About Mentors
Apaar Kamal

Apaar is enthusiastic competitive programmer, with years of experience in problem solving. He is rated 6 star on Codechef and has won various competitions like Code Gladiators, AlgoFlux, CodeWars etc.

About Mentors
Prateek Narang

Currently doing his Masters in Machine Learning from IIT Delhi, Prateek is an ace programmer who has worked with SanDisk and HackerEarth in the past. He has also won prestigious hackathons including Google’s Code For India and Smart City Hackathon. A Computer Science Graduate from DTU, he is highly popular among students for his teaching methods. His interactive CV ( is also well known in 120+ countries

About Mentors
Pranav Khandelwal

Pranav Khandelwal has worked with various Delhi based start-ups. He has worked as a data science intern Lifcare(Pharmaceutical Industry) as well as a software developer intern/Data Science instructor at Acadview(An E-learning startup, now owned by UpGrad). Python is his first language followed by sarcasm. He is well versed with C++ and Java. He always finds the most constructive and unique ways to teach in his class using the most basic of examples. Pranav has prior teaching experience in Java,C++, Python as well as in machine learning.

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Opportunities unlocked for learner
To ensure your success in challenges such as Google CodeJam, Google Kickstart, ACM-ICPC, and more. You will master commonly used problem solving techniques, hone your mathematical analysis skills, and push the boundaries of your reasoning abilities.You will be able to construct algorithms involving Dynamic Programming, Bitmasking, Greedy Algorithms, and Divide & Conquer.The learner will learn optimizing their problem-solving process, and new algorithmic skills which will help them to solve problems quickly.
Hands on Projects and Problems:
Number Theory : Topics like Prime Sieve, Segmented Sieve, Euler's Totient Fn, Chinese Remainder Theorem etc.Birthday Paradox Problem, Pigeonhole Principle, Inclusion-Exclusion Principle and much more.DP and Graph Algorithms, Greedy Strategy, Segment Trees an important data structure for solving problems
Why choose CB Live:
Two-Way Interaction: Share screen with your mentor for any doubt resolution 24*7.Placement Support: From Interview recommendations to placement, we are there for you at every step.Get into Bigwigs: Our expert will help you crack interviews for Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.
This course is essential for you:
For all the coders who are looking forward to optimizing their problem-solving process, and learn new algorithmic skills which will help them to solve problems quickly.Who want to crack challenges such as Google CodeJam, Google Kickstart, ACM-ICPC, and more.Who wants the material at one place and needs expert help

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