Master Python App Development
Learn Python for Web Development, Data Science & ML

Rahul Janghu,Jatin Katyal

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50 Students

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First of its kind, our Python online for Developers is a uniquely designed online course in Python to aid your journey right from the beginning to the very end in becoming the most skilled software engineers across the globe. Our online course in Python is not only in absolute coherence with our most sought after classroom program, but also provides you the comfort of learning at your home. With over 50 video lectures, all our doubt classes will also be held live on our own online platform so as to provide the students with the most effective doubt solving, in a one-to-one conversational format. This online training in Python includes basic programming fundamentals, object oriented programming (OOPs) and in-depth coverage of data structures in Python. Through these online classes, the students will not only become more efficient with their solutions by optimizing space and time but this course will also provide them a firm base to excel in all their programming interviews. The core focus of these Python classes for beginners is to maintain an equilibrium between theory and practical, thus providing the programmers with an ample amount of practice of questions based on different programming techniques. Not just programming exercises, this course gives you kickstart in Python Development by introducing python for web - working with web API's, building chatbots, creating apps using flask and Django and Python for Data Science. In the end of the course we also cover automation using selenium which you can use automate boring tasks in Python.


  • Extensive Data Structures & Algorithmic Coverage
  • Comfort of Home
  • Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors
  • Two-way Interactive Sessions
  • Recorded Videos after Live Lectures
  • Handwritten Mentor Notes
  • Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures


There are no pre-requisites to join this course.

Lecture Schedule

Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Lecture 01
About python, Installations
Lecture 02
Introduction to python, Primitive Data-Types, Memory allocation
Lecture 03
Conditions and loops
Lecture 04
String operations, iterables, Operators and Expressions
Lecture 05
Inbuild Data Structure intro & List operations
Lecture 06
Dictionary, set operations and internal structure, intro to Functions
Lecture 07
Functions, Modules
Lecture 08
Time space complexity and intro to Recursion
Lecture 09
Recursion continued
Lecture 10
Assignment Discussion and Doubts
Lecture 11
Object Oriented Programming
Lecture 12
Stacks and Queue
Lecture 13
Linked List
Lecture 14
File Handeling
Lecture 15
Web Scrapping and web APIs
Lecture 16
Doubts Class with Mentor
Lecture 17
Web App (Flask intro) Model, View, Template
Lecture 18
Creating new templates and Views, POST, GET requests, Query
About Mentors
Rahul Janghu

Rahul is an open-source enthusiast and Google-Code-In mentor with JBoss community under Redhat foundation. He is a research scholar at IIT Kanpur in field of visual serving. He has worked with DRDO lab in IoT technology. He likes to speak on tech as well as philosophy. He is mad about table-tennis and is a solo traveller.

About Mentors
Jatin Katyal

Jatin is a full-stack web developer and has worked with various start-ups in the field of HCI and IoT. He has won more than 10 hackathons including Microsoft campus Hack, TATA Crucible Hackathon, and Angel Hack.

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Hands on Projects and Problems:
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If you want to begin with coding as a career.If you have no prior knowledge on coding.If you love solving real-world problems and want to create a solution

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