Master FullStack Web with NodeJS
Learn building servers with NodeJS including MySQL, MongoDB, OAuth and WebSockets

Arnav Gupta,Tathagat Thapliyal,Kartik Mathur

Enrollment through Selection process only
50 Students

₹ 19,999


The Live course for Full Stack Web with NodeJS by Coding Blocks is deftly designed with an aim to familiarize the young coders with all the know-how of developing the most coherent and professional websites & web-portals. This Live course is a project-based Full Stack Web Development course with backend in Node JS. The course will start with topics such as HTML, CSS, and JS and then move on to important concepts such as version control, databases, Node JS and advanced topics such as security. The course would enable students to develop professional thinking ability to build their own websites from the scratch.


  • Extensive Data Structure & Algorithmic Coverage
  • Comfort of Home
  • Guidance by Industry-expert Mentors
  • Two-way Interactive Sessions
  • Recorded Videos after Live Lectures
  • Handwritten Mentor Notes
  • Immediate Doubt Resolution during Lectures


Basic knowledge of programming concepts is required. We recommend to have a prior understanding of these langnguages: C++ and Java (along with DS and Algo).

Lecture Schedule

Mon, Wed, Sat
7:15 PM - 10:15 PM
Lecture 01
HTML - I: Text, List, Table, Media Tags
Lecture 02
HTML - II: Forms, Tables, Frames
Lecture 03
CSS - I: Stylesheets, selectors, color, background, box
Lecture 04
CSS - II: Combinators, pseudo classes, visibility
Lecture 05
CSS - III: Flexboxes, Media Queries, Responsive Design
Lecture 06
JS Basics: variables, functions, classes, objects
Lecture 07
JS DOM, BOM, events, basic interactions
Lecture 08
Advanced JS: closures, higher order functions
Lecture 09
Advanced JS: array, string, map, set, iterator operations
Lecture 10
Advanced JS: setTimeout, setInterval, callback functions
Lecture 11
Advanced JS: Event loop,Promises, async-await
Lecture 12
NodeJS: Intro, installation, basic scripting, fs operations
Lecture 13
NodeJS: module, require, NPM, packages
Lecture 14
ExpressJS: Introduction, basic web server
Lecture 15
ExpressJS: Middlewares, routers, REST API
Lecture 16
ExpressJS: HBS, Server rendering, form submission
Lecture 17
ExpressJS: Rest API, AJAX
Lecture 18
SQL Basics, MySQL, Sequelize
Lecture 19
Sequelize Advanced, Relationships, REST API with DB
Lecture 20
SQL vs NoSQL, CAP THeorem MongoDB
Lecture 21
Socket.IO, Chat app, Realtime interactions
Lecture 22
Sessions, Cookies, User Management
Lecture 23
PassportJS, 3rd party logins
Lecture 24
Unit Testing, Coverage, Mocha, Chai
Lecture 25
Deploying to Heroku
Deploying to Digital Ocean
About Mentors
Arnav Gupta

Arnav Gupta, also popular as ChampionSwimmer, is an acclaimed Android developer and two timer GSoC-er. He has presented at large conferences like JSFOO, DroidCon, FOSSASIA and OSDConf. He has also worked with Sony, Micromax, Cyanogen and the likes. Arnav has also active contributed in the development of Android OS, Linux Kernel and has been a former student and a mentor in GSoC.

About Mentors
Tathagat Thapliyal

A Full-Stack Engineer and has worked with many amazing startups. He Always loves to build products and see it impacting people's needs. He has built applications using web technologies like React.js, React-Native, Ember.js, Node.js, GraphQL. He has given various talks on web technologies in Big conferences such as React Summit Amsterdam.

About Mentors
Kartik Mathur

Kartik Mathur is an NSIT graduate and extremely popular amongst his students for his engaging ways of teaching. His students are topping the charts in cracking Interviews across Top Tech and Product companies around the world with whooping packages. He is a Competitive programmer, a full stack Web developer and also contributes to many Start-ups in India and abroad. Known for his humour and memes, he can be usually located in Coding Blocks during the day or Starbucks in the evening.

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Opportunities unlocked for learner
Students will develop various necessary skills to build professional websites/portals.Will get comfortable with JavaScript for both Frontend as well as Backend use-cases.Will be able to Build website from scratch and develop professional thinking ability.Will be able to build projects with backend in NodeJS.
Hands on Projects and Problems:
ToDoList App - A task manager with features like 'mark as done', 'clear done tasks' and sorting tasks by their status.Shopping Cart- Build E-Commerce Website using ExpressJS, PostgreSQL and jQuery.Chat App -Realtime Chat Room using Socket.IO
Why choose CB Live:
Two-Way Interaction: Share screen with your mentor for any doubt resolution 24*7.Placement Support: From Interview recommendations to placement, we are there for you at every step.Get into Bigwigs: Our expert will help you crack interviews for Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.
This course is essential for you:
Who has Basic Knowledge of Programming concepts.Who wants to step up as a Developer from a programmer.Who wants to work at product-based companies like Facebook, Amazon, Uber, etc.

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