Web Development with NodeJS
Learn building both backends and frontends with Javascript

Sabeel Khan

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First of its kind, The Live course for Web Development by Coding Blocks is deftly designed with an aim to familiarize the young coders with all the know-how of developing the most coherent and professional websites & web-portals. The course will start with topics such as HTML, CSS, and JS and then move on to important concepts such as version control, databases, Node.Js and advanced topics such as security. Throughout the course, the students will be mentored in a manner that they develop proficiency with javascript for both Front-end as well as back-end use-cases. By the end of this online Web Development training, the students should be equipped with all the essentials to bring into play their full-fledged live web projects such as e-commerce websites. Anyone with a good command of data structures like Stacks, Queues, and Lists, basics of algorithms like sorting, searching, string manipulations, and OOP(s) is good to go!


  • Extensive coverage of NodeJS
  • Project-Based Learning Approach
  • Lessons on Deploying your Application
  • 500+ Video Lectures and Code Challenges
  • Hint Videos for Complex Problems
  • Lifetime Assignment Access
  • Basics & Advanced Coding Topics for Interviews
  • Expert Doubt Support


Basic Knowledge of Programming concepts is required.

Lecture Schedule

Mon, Thu and Sun
Lecture 1
Introduction to HTML, HTML Tags, Block and inline elements,Tables, inputs, forms
Lecture 2
Advance HTML Tags and Media tags, Understanding CSS Basics, Psuedo classes, Combinators, Selectors and CSS Properties, Precedence
Lecture 3
CSS Units and Box Model, Pseudo classes & Elements, Font-Families, List and Shadows, Adding Image and text, Pseudo Classes
Lecture 4
Flex Boxes, Media Queries
Lecture 5
Border, Background, Transitions,Transforms, 3D Transform & Animations
Lecture 6
Grids + Flexboxes Layouts
Lecture 7
Creating a website using Bootstrap
Lecture 8
Introduction to JavaScript, Strongly v/s Weakly v/s Static vs Dynamic Typed, Loops in JS, JS datatypes ,Objects, Type Casting, Higher Order Functions, Scopes, Hoisting, Closure
Lecture 9
Async Functions and OOP, Prototypes, this keyword, Class Syntax, Try and Catch
Lecture 10
Different programming and paradigms, Lambda Functions, Scopes in JS, inbuilt functions in JS
Lecture 11
Introduction to DOM, window element,events and Event Listener and BOM
Lecture 12
Creating a Game using JS concepts
Lecture 13
Creating Todo List using Jquery
Lecture 14
Making XMLHttpRequest using JS and API creation
Lecture 15
Git and GitHub
Lecture 16
Understanding what is NodeJs, Exploring Centralised Package Manager, NPM modules, Terminal application, Destructuring, Dependency Graph, Advance File System, async and await
Lecture 17
Express, Status Code, Creating Servers with Express. Requests using Express,, CRUD Operations, Routers
Lecture 18
Understanding Templating Language HBS.Passing data from the server to template and vice versa, Creating layouts/partials with HBS, Understanding Databases, Data Relationships, Designing a Data Model.
Lecture 19
Understanding RESTful APIs and Get/POST request
Lecture 20
Understanding SQL and CRUD operations, via Blog Site Project
Lecture 21
Why Mongo, Installing Mongo, Mongo Shell, Inserting , Finding, Updating and Deleting with Mongo, What is Mongoose, Insert Many, Finding, Updating and Deleting with Mongoose
Lecture 22
Implementation of Social Media App via Moongoose and Express
Lecture 23
Understanding Middlewares and E-Commerce Site-1
Lecture 24
E-Commerce Site- 2 (Adding features like comments, reviews etc.)
Lecture 25
Learning Cookies and Adding more features to our E-Commerce site
Lecture 26
Learning Authentication and store data securely in databases
Lecture 27
Learning Authentication(OAUTH) and Adding Login via Google, Facebook, Twitter to E-Commerce Site
Lecture 28
Adding Styles to Site and How to store multimedia in our E-Commerce Site.
Lecture 29
Creating Landing Page and Deployment
Lecture 30
Creating a Chatting Application via sockets
Lecture 31
Chai and Mocha
Lecture 32
Basics of ReactJS
Lecture 33
React Project and Web-Dev way forward
About Mentors
Sabeel Khan
[email protected]

Sabeel is a CS Graduate from JMI.A competitive programmar, with an undying passion for teaching.He is proficient with C++ and Web Development related technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript,NodeJS along with Python development.Web Series lover and always ready to explore new appetizing food.

Opportunities unlocked for learner
This Live Web Development course is a project-based Full-Stack web development course with a backend in Node.JS. As a part of these Web Development classes, the students will start off with the fundamentals of building basic websites and will go on to create more functional and complex portals using Node js and React also
Hands on Projects and Problems:
Build real-world applications like Create a responsive website using Bootstrap, Implementation of JS concepts to create a game similar like Mario, Blog Site using mySQL and REST API, Social Media app using MongoDB and Mongoose, React Basics and TODO list using React JS etc.
Why choose CB Live:
Two-Way Interaction: Share screen with your mentor for any doubt resolution 24*7.Placement Support: From Interview recommendations to placement, we are there for you at every step.Get into Bigwigs: Our expert will help you crack interviews for Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.
This course is essential for you:
If you want to have Web dev as a career.If you love solving real-world problems and want to create a solution.

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