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Team Coding Blocks has always believed in the philosophy of changing with the evolving times, and we continue to do so. This April, we complete four years of existence, and in all this time, we have tried, observed, learned, adapted and evolved many times. We took leaps of faith that turned out to be very obvious decisions in hindsight, while we also committed some minor mistakes in the name of experimentation.
Over this period of time, we have taught over 8500 students across batches of classroom and online courses, and seen them go on to attain great heights in their professional lives. Our single greatest reward is when our students acknowledge our contributions. We thank all our students for their unwavering support and constant motivation.
Soon to enter its fifth year of operation, Coding Blocks hopes to serve you with a new energy and a new enthusiasm. We aim to bring newer courses on the latest technologies, and newer ways to learn. As always, the developments will be gradual, but certainly positive. They will be based on our research, and more importantly, your feedback. Cheers!
As we near the end of the even semester, we also near the most exciting and useful time period in the life of a student: the Summer vacations. We urge you to make full use of your free time these vacations and learn as much as you can. To help you improve your coding skills, Coding Blocks will be running multiple batches of the most exciting courses this June-July in all our centres, and online.
We have courses on C++, Java, Python, Web Development, App Development, Game Development, Competitive Programming, Machine Learning, and the one course that we know all of you want to enroll in, Interview Preparation. The interview Preparation course is our most widely requested, and extremely respected course, which helps students entering their pre-final or final year, brush up the concepts asked in the placement and internship procedures of the best companies. All details about our online and offline courses are available on our website, on the links given below.
Classroom Courses
Online Courses
Last month, Coding Blocks conducted a workshop on Python Game Development in the premises of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology. The workshop was conducted by our mentor Nikhil Kumar, and covered topics such as basics of Python and building a game using PyGame library. The best performers of the workshops were presented with goodies and certificates.
Last month, Coding Blocks conducted a two-day workshop on Unity Game Development in our Dwarka and Pitampura centre each. The workshops were conducted by our mentor Ashish Aapan, and covered topics such as introduction to Unity, basics of Unity interface, Unity core classes and functions, C# scripts in Unity, physics engine in Unity, 2-D side scrolling game and building Unity games for Windows/Mac
Last month, Coding Blocks conducted an exclusive meetup for open source enthusiasts and GSoC aspirants. The meetup had multiple GSoCers and GSoC mentors from the Coding Blocks team who explained the attendees the importance of open source development, getting started with open source and also about GSoC projects and applications. They also spoke about Coding Blocks' own open source initiatives, such as BOSS
Coding Blocks conducted a meet-up on Kotlin - For Android and Web in collaboration with HelloMeets at InvestoPad in Bengaluru. Discussions around Kotlin for Android, Developer Pleasure VS Runtime Performance tradeoffs, Common Kotlin tools for Android and Kotlin with JavaScript were held. The meet-up, conducted by Arnav Gupta and Varun Hasija, saw software professionals from various domains participate and learn. 
Towards the end of March, Harshit Dwivedi and Aayush Arora, two mentors from Coding Blocks attended the FOSSASIA Conference held in Singapore. The conference was organized by FOSSASIA, Asia’s largest Open Source organization with an aim to make better softwares accessible by everyone. The event featured speakers from organizations like Google, Microsoft, Daimler, JP Morgan, VLC, RedHat, and of course, Coding Blocks.
They started out with mentoring the UNESCO Hackathon which was aimed at building sustainable tech solutions for the emerging markets and saw solutions and participants from over 10 different countries. The next day, Harshit and Aayush moderated and spoke at the the Web and Mobile Tracks of the conference. The track saw over 12 speakers, including the two, with topics ranging from cross platform apps to Kotlin, Web Automation etc. Harshit spoke on the benefits of Kotlin over the competition, while Aayush spoke on Progressive Web Apps and why they are important for every web product.
At last, they visited the Google Singapore HQ and shared their experiences as GSoC and GCI mentors in 2017, with insights on the projects worked on by FOSSASIA in GSoC 2017 and their plans for 2018. The event had speakers from over 20 open source organizations who participated in GSoC and GCI in the past.
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