Travelling Salesman Problem : Ea...

Travelling Salesman Problem with CodeGiven a set of cities(nod... Read


Javascript Promises

Javascript Promises Read

var, let and const in Javascript

var, let and const in Javascript Read

Pass by Value and Pass by Refere...

Pass by Value and Pass by Reference in Javascript Read

Talks and Conferences

Node.js on desktop : build + shi...

In this talk, Arnav Gupta talks about dealing with the cross-p... Read

Hacking through the Android OS c...

Arnav Gupta teaching Hacking through the Android OS Code at Dr... Read

Exploring NFC and Host-based Car...

Arnav Gupta talks about NFC on Android. It is not just about p... Read


Variables in Python

Variables in Python Read

Lists and Sorting Python

Lists and Sorting in Python Read

Datatypes in Python

Datatypes in Python Read

Work Experiences

Naman Kumar - Stepping into Open...

Naman Kumar - Stepping into Open Source: BOSS Experience.
As passionate developers, coding is more than just our profess... Read

Life at Adobe, DTU's Rachit gets...

Life at Adobe, DTU's Rachit gets a PPO after successful summer internship
DTU’s Rachit got a PPO after successful summer internship at A... Read

Work Life at Amazon, Crucial Ski...

Work Life at Amazon, Crucial Skills to get a PPO - Manish Mittal's Experience
Recently, Manish Mittal from NSIT completed his summer interns... Read

Interview Experience

Never Studied for Placements, Al...

Never Studied for Placements, Always Explored Things - Bhavya Bags GS Offer
We congratulate Bhavya Aggarwal of NSIT 3rd year for getting s... Read

Aarush Juneja of ISM Dhanbad lan...

Aarush Juneja of ISM Dhanbad lands up Amazon internship, know about his experience.
We congratulate Aarush Juneja for getting selected in Amazon a... Read

NIT-Kurukshetra's Parth cracks F...

NIT-Kurukshetra's Parth cracks Fidelity Investments, know about the procedure
Recently, Fidelity Investments visited NIT Kurukshetra’s campu... Read


Mastering Graphs : Dijkstra's Sh...

Dijkstra’s SSSP Algorithm:Given a weighted graph, we want to f... Read

Towers of Hanoi

Towers of Hanoi Hacker Blocks Problem based on recursion. Read

Rainwater Trapping

Help Ramu in Minimum Cost Problem Read


Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Workshop Codes

Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Workshop Codes
Codes from Workshop held at BVP on Graphs, Breadth First Searc... Read

IEEE Techweek Game Workshop

IEEE Techweek Game Workshop
Codes from IEEE-DTU Techweek Workshop on Game Development. Read

IEEE Workshop Codes

IEEE Workshop Codes
Codes from IEEE-DTU Workshop on Recursion, Backtracking etc. Read


Machine Learning Basics Webinar ...

Machine Learning Webinar for Beginners Read

Kotlin in Android LIVE Webinar

This covers a basic introduction to Kotlin (functional program... Read

Dynamic Programming with Bitmask...

In this webinar, we are going to learn advanced dynamic progra... Read


Thug Life Program in C++

Learn how the “Thug Life” program works and how you can make i... Read

N-Queen using Backtracking

In this video, implementation of N-Queen Problem Backtracking ... Read

Binary Search Upper Lower Bound

Binary Search Algorithm - Binary Search is simple yet efficien... Read