Recently, Fidelity Investments visited NIT Kurukshetra’s campus for its recruitment drive. Parth Dhamija was selected. We congratulate for getting selected for Fidelity Investments as an Intern. We thank him for sharing his interview experiences with this student community.


Preliminary Round

There were 15 Aptitude questions, 5 Comprehension, 12 technical questions and 45 minutes were allotted for this.

2 coding questions were also there and 30 minutes were alloted to complete question 1 and 15 minutes for question 2.

Q1. A company has n officies in n cities. Each office has 3 teams consisting of different number of members. The company decided to give party to one of the offices. On contacting the hotel, the company came to know about a scheme: hotel offers a discount on the minimum number of members in the team, i.e., if an office has team A with 9 members, team B with 8 members and team C with 5 members, 5 members of team A, 5 members of team B and 5 members of team C will be provided discount. The company will have to pay full for 4 members of team A, 3 members of team B and 0 members of team C. The company wants to avail the maximum discount while reducing its cost.

The approach was to avail the maximum discount by selecting the office with min difference amongst member of its team, and if the sum of difference was same in 2 offices, the offices with more number of members was chosen

Q2. There are 2 tables :-

  • student table
  • book table
  1. student table fields- student_id,date_of_birth,student_name
  2. book table fields - book_id,author_name,book_name,student_id

Input : No.of books and input for every book i.e entries of table fields for every book. Example:- 1245|rd sharma|mathematics|456

For student same input has to be entered i.e. according to table fields of student. Example:- 456|30/01/1995|Rahul Gupta

Output : Search name of student who issued input book_name.



Normal algorithm and data structure related questions were asked. I took the interview into another direction about one of my projects.


This was purely project based.


This was the easiest as I had to talk nothing technical but about myself and my future goals. I was also asked where do I see myself 5 years from now.

Overall it was an easy interview process, the direction of interview will depend upon on you where you want to take it.