DTU’s Rachit got a PPO after successful summer internship at Adobe.

Profile Overview:

Position : Product Intern, 2 months*

Location : Noida*

Stipend : 40,000/- per month*

Other Benefits : 14 days Hotel stay, unlimited Food*

Languages/Fraweworks Used : Java, JavaScript, Extend script, Node.js, Python, flask , HTML, CSS, JQuery, Android development*

Crucial Evaluation Skills Adobe Looks for

Problem Solving

Data Structures



Computer Fundamentals

Ability to learn everything fast

Internship Experience

Adobe visited my campus(D.T.U) in December. I got selected for summer internship in Adobe for duration of 10 weeks.I was very much nervous that whether I would fit in the adobe’s culture. I was also not confident that whether I could complete the expectation of such a big company. But I didn’t had any idea that this was going to be the greatest experience of my life.

My intern began on 29 th May 2017. We were 15 interns from D.T.U. We were given 14 day stay in a 4 star hotel,Holiday Inn. So my internship started and I reached Adobe’s campus. It is such a huge building , very well designed and you couldn’t take your eyes off its beauty. It has every facility that one could dream of for harmonious and all round development of its employees. It even has a basketball court, volleyball court, Lawn tennis courts and cricket nets.It has every facilty which can help anyone to enjoy his work and always remain refreshed.

We were then introduced to our mentors and manager. According to me, I was assigned the best team for my internship.They helped me at every step. They motivated me so much that there was always a desire to show them something better. My project was basically on auto completion of sketches.We were two interns to do the project. My partner basically focused on Machine learning part and I majorly focused on user experience part.I got to work on two products, Adobe illustartor and Adobe Photoshop sketch app.

The work environment in Adobe is very alluring. I was given lot of time to learn the technologies and develop ideas about the project.My mentors and manager always said to me that it is very important that you get to learn a lot from here .Seriously i got to learn a lot. During my internship I even made a lot of friends. They are like my family now. We used to play many games like table tennis and maffia very often. We even danced a lot during our outings and parties and shared moments which i will cherish throughout my life.We were even given delicious food full of variety throughout the day. Here, All the employees are helpful and great natured. They treated me like afriend and always cheered me up.

So, By the time my internship got over, I got Pre placement offer from Adobe and made my parents proud of me. The main thing is that to get a PPO, you have to put all your efforts and show that why you deserve to be in Adobe. One thing is sure your hardwork and efforts won’t go unnoticed here.