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DevOps training course will help you master various aspects of software development, operations, continuous integration, continuous delivery, automated build, test, and deployment. In this certification, you will learn DevOps tools like Git, Puppet, Jenkins, SVN, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Nagios and more
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50+ Live Lectures

10+ Live Projects

4/6 Months Course Duration

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  • Networking Basics
    Application Layer, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, TELNET , Transport layer, TCP Protocol, UDP Protocol , State transition diagram in TCP , Congestion Control policies , Network layer , IPv4. IPv6 , IP addressing , Routing Protocols. Fragmentation , OSI Model , Interview Questions
  • Version Control
    Understand Version Control Systems , Master Git, the most popular VCS. , Branching - Creating and Merging Branches. , Deploying a Git Repository on Github. , Using Github Pages to deploy websites. , How to collaborate as a team. , Moving back and forth in git timeline. , Advanced Git Features - Rebasing, Stashing, Branching, Merge Conflicts. , Create a Web Portfolio. , Interview Questions.
  • Everything about Linux
    Basic commands, Linux Filesystem, LVM, Linux Networking, Permissions and Firewall, What is Kernel , What is Shell, What is Shell Script, Evolution of the Shell, Shell vs bash, Shell vs Bash vs Other, Which Shell is For You, What is Windows, History, Linux vs Windows, Distributions, Which OS for you, What is Unix?, Unix vs Linux, Unix Limitations, Linux Limitations, Market Trends, Linux Commands , Linux Commands for DevOps, Shell Scripting basics, Git commands,User Administration in Linux, Package Management in Linux, Linux Interview Questions
  • Basic of Devops
    docker for developers, Forget SDK commands, Using docker images, creating docker images, Publish docker images,docker with common dev profiles, Running containers
  • Docker Fundamentals
    Basics of dockers, Docker Images, Creating Docker images, Publishing docker images, Running Containers
  • Advanced Docker Concepts
    Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Running Kubernetes Clusters, PODs, Replica Sets, Services, Ingress, Auto Scaling, Config MAps, Secrets, Deployments, Interview Questions ,
  • All About Chef
    Jenkins X with kubernetes, Ansible From zero to hero, CI CD Pipeline, Interview Questions
  • Basic Of AWS
    AWS terraform from zero to hero, Complete AWS for Devops, Connect to AWS, Connect to Azure, Deploy an Ansible Development Environment with AWS, Dynamic Inventories for Scaling, AWS - Create a Dynamic Inventory, AWS - Use Keyed Groups, Azure - Create a Dynamic Inventory, Azure - Use Keyed Groups, Cloud Patterns, Interview Questions
  • All About Ansible
    Introduction, Build and Run a Container, Variables, Volumes, and DockerHub, Getting Started with Ad-Hoc Commands and Playbooks, Introduction to Ad-Hoc Commands, Create a Playbook, Putting the Ansible Environment to Work, Ad-hoc Commands against Remote Hosts, Playbooks against Remote Hosts, Configure an Nginx Web Server, Configure a Windows IIS Web Server
  • All About Infra
    Introduction to Inventories, Use Groups, Organize Hosts and Group Variables, Secure Secrets with Ansible Vault: Use Encrypted Files, Secure Secrets with Ansible Vault: Use Encrypted Strings
  • Reusable Configs
    Introduction, Build a Site, Make it Reusable with Ansible Roles, Decoupling Ansible Roles, Build a CI /CD pipeline for Ansible with Github Actions
  • All about Automation
    Intro To Selenium, Applications of selenium, Projects, Complete CI CD PIPELINE PROJECT, Interview Questions

Deploy 3-Tier Architecture following High availability, Scalibility, Security best practice


Automate configuration of linux system using Ansible playbook and Roles.


Deploy application container dependencies using Dockerfile as docker-compose stack


Terraform project to deploy AWS resources for 3-Tier Architecture


Terraform project to deploy lambda function for Python Runtime

Jenkins Terraform project

Integrate Terraform with Jenkins automation to manage AWS cloud resources.

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Learn and grow as a developer with our project based courses.

  • Coding Blocks has physical centers in Delhi and Noida. Classroom program batches are conducted in these physical centers where you learn in a class with your peers and mentors, much like the way you do in College or University with a difference that you get to have personal attention by the mentor. Batch size is extremely limited and Course completion is complete for all learners. This is the most successful program in terms of Success or placements.

  • Live interactive program is a perfect replacement to the Classroom program. In a live interactive course, classes are conducted in a controlled environment, where the mentor teaches and students can interact with the mentor, much like a classroom. The only difference is that the mentor is not physically present in front of you. This model allows you to learn from the mentor of your choice, transcending boundaries and is economical as compared to the Classroom program.

  • Self paced Online programs are guided learning courses driven by our state of the art e-learning portal. These programs carry the same legacy as our Classroom programs. In order to reinforce learning and assist students, we have made our Self paced Online programs “HYBRID”, meaning we have added Live classes of topics where we feel students need interaction with mentors. In addition, students can clear their doubts through Video calls or Chats with our mentors and TAs. If learners stay close to our centers, they can even visit our Physical centers and meet the mentors in person to resolve their doubts.

  • If you are facing trouble with any model and want to make a switch, please get in touch with the Coding Blocks Support team for assistance. If need be, we will help you transition from one model to another.

  • The three models of learning are very different in nature and suits different learners basis individual preferences. We would recommend you to connect to our counsellors who can guide you well on which program and model best suits your needs.

  • Doubts are addressed by your Mentors and Teaching assistants who are always there to help you in your program. Doubts can be addressed in person, over live video calls, live chats and screen sharing sessions, pair coding sessions, Slack channels and Whatsapp groups, in addition to our portal where your doubts are also addressed. Don’t worry, we got your back.

  • Once you complete your course, you need to apply for the position of TA in Coding Blocks. Your application will be screened, you will be interviewed and tested on Coding problems and then you will be roped in. As Coding Blocks alumni, you will get priority.

  • A dedicated Placement team along with Hiring Blocks, the placement portal of Coding Blocks work round the clock to ensure the best of opportunities in the Tech arena are available to you.There are more than 150 companies who have partnered with Coding Blocks for hiring our students.

  • Most of the learners at Coding Blocks are College students only. All our courses and curriculum, across Classroom, Live interactive and Online self paced models are created to ensure you can learn while studying in your college.

  • Yes, you will get Certificate of completion once you complete the course. Completion of course depends on how much content has been completed, together with how many assignments have been completed. If you are a dedicated and hard working learner, you can also bag our Certificate of excellence.

  • Our Alumni is our family. We definitely would be more than thrilled to have you back, as this is really common for us. And yes, we would be happy to offer you exciting concessions on fee. We would recommend you to connect to our counsellors who can guide you well on this.