Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms in C++


Introducing our newest course on Algorithms and Data Structures(in C++) starting this summer. The course is for all those who are looking forward to sit for internships and placements in August. The course will involve rigorous practice of questions based on Sorting, Searching, Greedy Algorithms, Divide and Conquer Algorithms, Dynamic Programming along with comprehensive revision of data structures like linked-lists, Trees, Graphs, Heaps, Hashing etc. The course will help you become smarter with solutions and ace your programming interviews.
The course will end by mid-July.

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Recursion & Backtracking

The course will start with complex recursion and back-tracking problems. You will be able to think recursively and implement the same in your code. You will be able to solve back-tracking problems.

Less Theory & More Questions

The course will lay emphasis on solving more no of questions based on data structures including topics likes bitmasking, DP, Graphs.

Algorithmic Analysis

You will learn the various problem solving paradigms like Divide and Conquer, Greedy Algorithms, Brute Force and Dynamic Programming. With ample no of questions, we will make sure you will hit the right approach when solving problems in future.

Interview Preparation

The main idea of the course is to get you ahead in interviews of IT companies. With rigorous practice of problems based on DS and Algorithms, the course will make sure you will do well in most of your interviews.

Course Contents

  • Recursion & Backtracking
    Recursion and Backtracking

    The course will start with complex recursion and back-tracking problems. You will be able to think recursively and implement the same in your code. You will be able to solve recursion & back-tracking problems.

    Space Time Complexity Analysis

  • Sorting, Searching and Hashing
    Sorting, Searching & Hashing

    We will learn various sorting and searching algorithms, we will learn to use Hashtables and solve various problems on the same. We will also see various variants of Binary Search.

    1. Sorting Algorithms
    2. Binary Search Variants
    3. Bitmasking and Hashing

  • Advanced Data Structures
    Data Structures

    In this part we learn about how to solve complex problems using data structures.

    1. Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists
    2. Trees & Tries
    3. Graphs
    4. Heaps and Priority Queues

  • DP vs Greedy Techniques

    This is the most important challenging part. Most students find DP problems toug to solve, with ample practice of problems on Dynamic Programming, students will find interview questions easy to solve. We will also see how Greedy algorithms are different from DP and when to use them by solving a number of problems.

    1. Greedy Techniques
    2. Dynamic Programming

  • STL | Interview Problems
    At the end of the course we will keep one hackathon on Interview Problems, We will provide you quick booklet on STL so that you can revise C++ Standard Template Library codes.

    1. Complete C++ STL
    2. Interview Problems


(Drop a line at [email protected] if you have further queries)

  • Who should do this course?

    Students in 2nd-4th year looking forward to sit for internship/placement exams can pursue this course. Student must have prior programming experience in C++ and basic knowledge of data structures like arrays, stacks, queues, linked list.

  • I had C++ in class 12th. Can I do this course?

    If you are first year student, then we will recommend you to join our Launchpad Program which will cover data structures and algorithms in great detail. This course is not recommended for first years unless you have studied data structures.

  • I didn’t have C++ in class 12 ? Can I do this course ?

    No, this course is not for beginners in programming. You must have good hands on practice of programming fundamentals like arrays, stacks,queues, linked lists,pointers etc.

  • Will this help me with Interviews ?

    This course will help you become smarter with your solutions. You’ll be able to write solutions that run in lesser space and time. Optimising space & time is what most interviewers look for. If you are looking forward for only Competititve Programming Topics, then you should join our Competitive Programming bootcamp specially designed for ACM-ICPC.

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