• Dynamic Programming Webinar

    Inviting all coders for a free webinar on introduction to Dynamic Programming and Its Applications to be taken by Prateek Bhayia from Coding Blocks.

  • Coders' Admission & Scholarship Test

    Coding Blocks is pleased to announce the Coders' Admission & Scholarship Test (CAST) for our Gretaer Noida Center. Scholarships of up to 75% off the total price are up for grabs for our foundation courses.

  • Competitive Programming Summer Bootcamp

    Hone your CP skills by attending 1-week Competitive Programming Bootcamp. Learn new concepts by solving over 150 complex problems of varying difficulty level and brighten up you chances of getting selected in APAC and ACM-ICPC.

  • Google I/O Extended

    Coding Blocks is pleased to host Google I/0 Extended 2017, and we are inviting student and developer community for this a night filled with amazing experiences.