Coding Blocks Scholarship Exam

Coding Blocks was founded in 2014 with a mission to promote coding culture amongst school and college students, and keeping this in mind, we introduced various programs to ensure that money is not a constraint in the path of learning. ❤️

We supported 50,000 students through our popular scholarship programs known as CAST (Coding Blocks Scholarship and Aptitude Test)

Today, to celebrate this achievement, we are rebranding and launching our new scholarship program with the goal of helping out 1,00,000 students who’ve had their studies interrupted due to financial issues get access to coding education. 🎉

Coding Blocks Scholarship Program aims to inspire and help students become future software engineers by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from entering these fields.

Selected students will receive up to 100% Scholarship! 🎁

We hope you find this as a valuable learning path and make the most of it.


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