System Design Bootcamp

System design course will cover in details concepts of High level and low level design and then pick practical Case studies for implementation.
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HLD & LLD Learn Using

10+ Case studies

2-3 months Duration

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Key Highlights

25+ Live Lectures

10+ Case studies

2-3 Months Course duration

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  • Welcome aboard
    Welcome to the course
  • Browser
    What happens when you hit the url on your browser ?What is system Design? Types of System Design HLD intro
  • Types of Design && Design Basics
    LLD intro & SDLC Web App VS Website What is architecture
  • System types
    Monoliths Distributed System LatencyThroughput
  • Android Components
    Availability TIme Consistency
  • Characteristics
    Availability Time Consistency
  • Storing Hot Data
    Websockets & SSE Scaling Techniques Horizontal Scaling
  • Theorams
    Redundancy && Replication Cap theorem Databases
  • Division of Data
    DataBase optimization Partitioning Communication
  • Communication
    Message Based communication Web Apps Rest Apis
  • Microservices
    Microservices & architecture Web Servers && Protocols & App security Service
  • Design Problem
    URL Shortener/ Pastebin Api Rate Limiter
  • Design Problem
    Youtube Design Web Crawler
  • Design Problem
    Drop Box Uber Backend Design
  • Design Problem
    Twitter Instagram
  • Design Problem
    Ticketmaster design
  • Basic Of LLD
  • OOPS
    OOD && OOP Objects && CLASSES
  • Design Principles
    OOP CONCEPTS Solid Principle
  • Design Principles
    SRP Princripal O-C Principal
  • Design Principles
    Livosik Principal
  • Design Principles
    Integration Principal
  • Design Principles
    Dependency Principal Problems
  • Patterns
    Design Patterns
  • Design Problems
    Case Studies
  • Coding using OOPs
    Machine Coding
Architect the Facebook newsfeed

Create a stunning Google lens clone and play with features like Image recognition, QR codes and more

Search engine autocomplete

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

Cloud computing to build in redundancy for the compute cluster

Build this super popular app from scratch by working on all stunning features like Real time chat, media etc

collaborative editing tool

Work with Weather APIs and become an expert on RESTful API with this project

Design a ticketing platform

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

Design a boggle server

Work on this all time favourite game grounds up by using the skills you gained in the course

Design a distributed botnet

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

Distributed ID generation system

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

Design an online poker game

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

Design a messenger

Create a handy To-Do app to get organised and share it with your audience

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Extensive coverage of Content
Project-Based Approach
Application Deployment
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