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Key Highlights

200+ Questions

6 Live projects

3/4 Months Duration

Certificate of Excellence/Completion

Placement assistance

  • Find Majority Elements
  • Unique Character String
  • Container Containing Most Water
  • Circular Array Loop
  • Sunny Buildings
  • Distribute Candies
  • OverHappy Numbers
  • Move zeroes
  • Count Zeroes
  • Maximum Sum Subarray
  • Target Zero
  • Overlapping Rectangles
  • Word Distance I
  • Attend all Meetings
  • Form Biggest Number
  • Lonely Element in a Sorted Array
  • Longest Palindromic substring
  • Search in Rotated Sorted Array
  • Sorting In Linear Time
  • Balanced SubArray
  • Longest Common Prefix
  • Party Halls
  • Zero Sum Subarray
  • Petrol Pump Problem
  • Find all elements with frequency two
  • First & Last
  • Maximum Product Subarray
  • Discover Peak Numbers
  • Compare Versions
  • Larger Numbers
  • String Conversion
  • First Missing Positive Numbers
  • Smaller Number after Self-1
  • Candy Distribution Problem
  • Closest Three Sum
  • Arrange odd even linked list
  • Make Deep Copy of List
  • Kth from the End
  • Swap Nodes in Air
  • Kth from the End
  • Swap Nodes in Air
  • Kth from the End
  • Swap Nodes in Air
  • Straightening Multilevel DLL
  • Sheldon Coopers Unique String
  • Sri Ram and Arrows
  • Average of Sliding Window
  • Buy and Sell Stocks
  • Operational Time and Functions
  • Increasing Temprature Questions
  • Remove K Digits
  • Decode the Strings Code
  • Generate the Parantheses
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Shortest Subarray with Sum not less than K algo
  • Total Subtrees with given sum
  • Big Bang Theory Coloring
  • Special Trees/strong>
  • Minor Tree
  • Path Sum
  • Binary Tree From Postorder and Preorder Traversal
  • Create tree from Inorder and Preorder
  • Lowest Common Ancestor (Binary Tree)
  • Connect Same level of Codes
  • Level Tree(Zigzag, Binary Tree)
  • Add one row to tree
  • Find Maximum value in each row
  • Find Successor In BST
  • Inorder Successor In BST II
  • Root to leaf
  • Count Complete Tree Nodes
  • Right Side View
  • Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum
  • MOdify BST with sumof greater nodes
  • Merge with nodes
  • Lowest Common Ancestor (BST)
  • Find The Kth Smallest
  • BST to DLL algo
  • BST to Greater Sometree
  • Duplicate Values
  • Duplicate Values II
  • Anagram Togethers
  • Longest Substring without Repeating Charachters
  • Multiple in continues Subarray
  • Kth Most Frequent Element
  • Maximum lenght of subarray with target sum.
  • Search the longest AP.
  • Number of Subarrays.
  • Longest Subarray with atmost K Distinct Character
  • Find Kth Largest Number Code
  • Reorganize String
  • Merge K Sorted Arrays
  • K Most Frequent words
  • Closest to the Origin
  • Merge K List
  • Merge K Sorted List
  • Smart Robber
  • Number of Paths
  • Longest Valid Parantheses
  • Maximum Rectangles of 1's
  • Buy and Sell Stocks
  • Lenova's Regex match or not?
  • New SuperHero
  • Book Store
  • Longest Common Subsequence
  • Coin Change
  • Minimum Path Sum
  • Sum of Perfect Squares
  • Maximum Sized Square of Ones
  • Target Sum
  • Equalize String
  • Search for the missing Numbers.
  • Unique Numbers 2
  • Is Power Of 2
  • Multiple of 3
  • Numbers of Steps to reach 1
  • Longest Subsequence with consecutive numbers
  • Kill Process.
  • Jumping to Zero
  • Word Ladder
  • Bipartite Graph
  • Dependent Courses
  • Rotten Oranges
  • Knight Moves
  • Walls and Gates
  • No. of Islands
  • Dependent Courses II

Options for Interview Preperation

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Typically the first language of many and most commonly used language in first year of college, C++ is easy to start with and its code requires less time.

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Java is platform independent and incomparable to any other Programming language in terms of widespread use.

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Snakes Game

This project uses Arrays to build a very interesting Snake game

Splitwise App

This project uses concepts of DSA to build Splitwise App


Make your very own Sudoku solver with Backtracking

Travel Planner

Plan your travel when you build your own application by using Graphs


Use DP optimisation to build this all time favourite game and be a leader in your pack

Jump Froggy

Design your very own Frog game while using Greedy optimisation in DSA

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  • A dedicated Placement team along with Hiring Blocks, the placement portal of Coding Blocks work round the clock to ensure the best of opportunities in the Tech arena are available to you.There are more than 150 companies who have partnered with Coding Blocks for hiring our students.

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